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(pronounced “NoteMate”)

Stand-Alone, Cloud, or Enterprise

NoteM8 is revolutionizing the way law enforcement officers work in the field. Don’t go on patrol without it! NoteM8, created by Presynct Technologies, is specifically designed for iOS & Android devices.

Working together in the Enterprise, NoteM8 and Presynct efficiently collect, organize, process, complete, share, analyze, and move more data in less time and with minimal human effort. It’s all paperless and it’s amazingly affordable!

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For iOS and Android Devices

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How It Works


The NoteM8 Reporting Automation application allows police officers to create reports in the field with attachments such as videos, photos, voice, etc.



Those reports are stored locally or sent back to the enterprise Presynct Report Network for approval or rejection by supervisors.




All finalized reports are then converted to a PDF for storage.



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