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"The Presynct Report Network is the leader in their field.  They understand the needs of electronic report creation of native report forms better than all others."
The Presynct Report Network is a forms-based incident reporting system. Your organization's existing forms are automated then utilized from report creation all the way through distribution and archiving. Users fill out reports using either a mobile client or their current local area network.


Built within the Presynct Report Network is a complete approval-rejection tracking process. Finalized reports (in PDF format) can be shared with others using the cost-efficient paperless report distribution process. Information contained in the forms is stored in the database for later retrieval and analysis. Data in the incident report forms are auto-exported to existing system(s). 


Multiple Data Input Methods
Presynct public safety solutions accommodate the most commonly used and most effective data input methods, taking into consideration that no single method works best for all agencies. We understand that there are a wide variety of input methods used for public safety incident reporting.


e-Commerce Crash Reporting
Eliminate the time-consuming task of providing copies of crash reports to the public.  Presynct_Crash is the only complete, paperless crash report solution.  No scanning, no indexing, no mailing. A paperless workflow from creation to on-line sale or distribution to citizens and organizations.  Presynct_Crash electronically handles the task of creating and processing crash reports, as well as servicing public requests for copies of crash reports.  Presynct_Crash is included at no additional cost with the Presynct Report Network, as an add-on with Presynct_SaaS, or as a stand-alone program.


Forms-Based Data Entry
Presynct Technologies’ unique forms-based data entry into an organization's native forms builds in business logic configurable to individual requirements. When interfaced to existing systems, users can look up information directly from within the forms, thus eliminating duplicate data entry.


User-Friendly Work Environment
Our software solutions are user-friendly...really user-friendly.  We put your incident forms into our software so that users are creating and approving incident reports that look and feel the same -- except they're in digital format on a computer screen instead of in paper format on the desk.


Digital Workflow Management
Keeping your data in digital format in the Presynct Report Network database instantly expands your capabilities as a report writer and as a supervisor/manager. With the user-friendly Presynct software solutions, more information is captured more easily. The automated workflow offers multiple levels of paperless approval-rejection processing. Upon final supervisory approval, the incident report data is auto-exported to existing systems where needed to avoid redundant typing of information.


Open Standards Technology
The Presynct Report Network is state-of-the-art technology that seamlessly moves into the future with you. In technology, one size does not fit all, which is why Presynct software solutions are compatible with industry-specific technology standards that enable third-party systems to work together seamlessly! Presynct solutions are built on non-proprietary technology.  State and Federal business rules are built right into the data entry incident forms. 


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