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"We [Landscape Company] now use tablets, with our Custom forms...and we can have our people actually doing 'paperwork' in the field. In real time and transmitting the information back to the office or the client directly (really, it's true!!!) as it happens."


The traditional way remote workers file incident reports is paper-based -- MSWord templates, fillable PDFs, reusable templates on your network, or even handwritten. While this gets the job done, there is no workflow. Reports have to be printed for routing, approval, and distribution. And it's all done in the office, taking officers off the street. 


With paper, there is a high risk for human error, privacy breaches, lost documents, seemingly endless rewrites, duplication of effort, and long delays in getting information into the hands of those who need it most. This is particularly true when reports are started and/or written outside the office. Presynct Technologies, Inc. has a better solution. 


Presynct Technologies provides unparalleled field reporting software solutions. With our market-proven forms-based Presynct_AFR (Automated Field Reporting), you get the best mobile incident reporting product available.


_AFR is forms-based. It is designed to make the remote worker's job easier and more efficient. Your organizations forms are built right into _AFR so that users are writing reports with minimal training and only nominal behavior change. It’s been said that _AFR is intuitive and requires no training! But we like to train anyway.


_AFR has on-off connectivity.  If your on-line connection drops, you won't lose your data. You have the option of completing reports on the road or just starting them there. Unfinished reports can be sent to the server and picked up from your desktop computer for completion later. Reports can be sent to the server from the field over any wireless network, including low 19.2 bandwidth.


Forms in _AFR contain business logic.  Data can be standardized and auto-exported to third-party systems that are also industry standards based. _AFR forms are duplicates of the forms you use in Presynct Report Network on the server in the office.


All our paperless solutions - including _AFR - leverage workflow and significantly increase productivity and operational efficiency. Information gets to where it needs to be in the shortest amount of time to authorized users. Built-in access control and electronic authentication give your organization greater security and privacy protection.


Our communities are safe because our law enforcement officers are doing a great job of protecting citizens and keeping the peace.  Presynct Technologies, Inc. assists public safety professsionals with efficient tools that make the paperwork less burdensome. 


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With Presynct Mobile, you can view reports that are in progress, making it easier for you to keep track of unfinished reports that need to be completed.


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