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"This product saves a ton of time.  I [Police Officer] used to have to go to my office, boot up my computer and type the incident into all the right forms...then save it, print it, and turn it in.  With Presynct_DictaTrans, that's eliminated."
Presynct_ DictaTrans is a secure web-based application for paperless management of the incident and investigative reporting processes. Dictated voice files and report documentation are combined in a single application for dictation-transcription workflow management. Divisions or Departments can be maintained separately within the system to preserve confidentiality.  Access to voice files requires userID and password authentication. 


With _DictaTrans, you get immediate productivity gains and faster turnaround times!  Transcription can be securely outsourced without losing control of the workflow. Or you can do a combination of both in-house and outsourced. 


Voice - Users dictate into _DictaTrans using digital handheld recorders, computer workstations, or telephones.  Immediately upon completion of dictation, the voice file is encrypted and available for transcription by any authorized transcription user.  Authors no longer have to bring tapes back to the office for typing - just dictate and click Send! The system takes care of the rest.


Text - the documentation module uses electronic versions of existing forms so there is minimal training or behavior change required on the part of the users.  Forms have agency-specific configurable business rules to ensure UCR/NIBRS compliant reports as needed.  Date in the form fields can be auto-exported to the records management system to avoid duplicate data entry.  PDF formatted documents can be auto-uploaded to the image management system. 


Workflow Management - the management console gives authorized supervisors the ability to prioritize voice files, assign dictations to transcriptionists, monitor workflow, and track turnaround times.


Security - access to voice files requires userID and password authentication. Divisions or Departments can be maintained separately within _DictaTrans to preserve organizational integrity.    


Privacy - confidentiality is enhanced by doing away with paper drafts, lost or broken tapes, and misplaced tape recorders. Voice files are encrypted in transmission from author to transcriptionist and no longer sent openly over the internet using e-mail. 


Speed - turnaround time is measured in minutes! Turnaround time to data sharing no longer takes days or weeks. Dictated reports are typed by data entry staff as soon as the author closes out the voice file. Authors can also choose to type their own reports and skip the dictation and transcription steps.


Paperless - _DictaTrans electronically routes transcribed draft reports to the author for review and then to the supervisor for approval or rejection with comments. Workflow routing is configurable to five levels. Finalized reports are archived in a searchable database, and incident data is auto-exported to the RMS with the Presynct API (Application Programming Interface).


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