Presynct Report Network Demo


Below are short demo clips of the Presynct Report Network's most popular features.  We've expanded the features and functions quite a bit from what you'll see here. 

For an up-to-date, online demo of the standard features and functions of the Presynct Report Network, we suggest you schedule an online demo of the latest Version at your convenience. 

Contact sales by phone at 1-866-773-7962 or Tim Pakes by e-mail 


Form Functions (02:37):

All forms in Presynct Report Network are configured to meet the needs of individual customers.  We use Your Forms, Our Software!  This demo shows some of the common form functions for all of our customers.

Report Attachments (00:48):

Users have the ability in Presynct Report Network to add attachments to their reports.  Report attachments can be just about any digital file:  pictures, video, scanned documents, audio recordings, etc.

Signing In (01:13):

After signing in to Presynct Report Network, your home page is displayed.  Here you can see an overview of the workload, such as reports you are currently working on or reports that your supervisor sent back to you.

Workflow (01:29):

The backbone of the Presynct Report Network is its workflow management - a complete approval-rejection tracking process with paperless distribution. The system keeps track of all reports and what stage of the approval process the report is in.  The workflow can be configured to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Full Demo (07:54):

This single demo contains all of the features, functions, and more of the Presynct Report Network mentioned above.  Presynct conforms to industry standards and integrates with third party systems whee needed.  


If you like what you see, contact us to request a User ID and Password. We'll set you up to take Presynct Report Network for a test drive. You'll have an opportunity to see what it's like to complete, review, approve and reject a report in Presynct Report Network.




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