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"Together I think we [Sheriff's Office] have come up with a pretty incredible piece of work.  You have the best LE Report Writing System available today.  You should be proud."
Presynct Technologies, Inc.
605 Market Street, Ste 401
San Francisco, CA 94105-3206
Phone:       415-230-5755
Toll Free:  866-PRESYNCT (866-773-7962)
Fax:         415-230-5754
Technical Supportsupport at Presynct dot com
Customer Serviceservice at Presynct dot com
Test Drive: 
To Test Drive the Presynct Report Network, please fill out and submit the reply form to request a User ID and Password. You'll have an opportunity to see what it's like to complete, review, approve, and reject a report in the Presynct Report Network.


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