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"The great thing about working with Presynct is that they really were able to come in and identify exactly what we needed.  They took all the confusion out of it for [police department]."


Here at Presynct Technologies, we specialize in upgrading your organization's operations to paperless business processes that offer efficiency and savings.  We streamline the little things and free up your time for more meaningful tasks.


From incident reporting, to filling out paper forms, to filing systems and archiving, Presynct solutions save you time and money. We guarantee it.  And you will no longer have to pay a shredding company to destroy all your paperwork. 


Our main focus is to help you manage your organization. This means our software is developed to help your employees spend less time shuffling paper or retyping data into other systems and more time attending to mission critical tasks.  We minimize the unfortunate reality of data entry and processing.  We do this by building collaborative technologies that get the job done exponentially faster.


Not a “techie?” Not to worry - our user friendly systems operate easily while maintaining maximum functionality.  Our techies have a mandate to design systems around the user experience rather than the technology experience.


If you have paper forms, Presynct solutions will help you efficiently collect, organize, process, complete and move more data in less time and with minimal human effort. The goal is to capture accurate, complete data and make it useful.  All this is done at a cost affordable for any size of organization or agency.


If you are looking for paperless workflow technology that is built to grow with your organization’s needs and you want to work with a client-focused company, you have come to the right place.


Call or e-mail us today for additional information or a product demonstration.



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For help going paperless, contact sales@presynct.com or 866-773-7962.


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