A police department in Arizona was faced with handwritten forms that were hard to read. This resulted in delays in filling out the forms and logging them into their systems. There were security breaches due to paper being misplaced and lost. The Department turned to Presynct Technologies for answers.

A security department in California was facing budget cuts that eliminated their data entry personnel. And they still needed to replace the antiquated and unsupported system they were using to record incidents. We got them up and running quickly and within their budget.

A landscaping company in Northern California needed to arm their customer service agents with data in real time. They needed to update clients and ensure a smooth customer support experience. Presynct software was installed on their Galaxy tablets, solving their real-time data problem and enhancing their overall business operations.

From police departments to hotels, from companies and private security firms to animal shelters, our system has helped thousands of customers get real solutions to real problems in less time and for less money.

What We Offer Generates Real Results Including:

Forms & reporting for your business

Investment that fits in your budget

 Shorter Implementation than expected

Improved data accuracy & workflow

Quicker access to information

Efficient paperless system

Significant cost savings